Thank you for viewing my page! My name is Breeanna Benton and I am a Colorado muralist and artist.  I started my education with the arts in 2012, finishing in May of 2017.  I have been working as a professional muralist since spring of 2015, which you can see my work in the professional pieces album.  My mural work varies with each project, some are super abstract while others are more detail oriented. I love to add any humor I can into my work, and strive for the viewer to stop and see each detail.  Feel free to ask any questions regarding myself, quotes on a project, etc.


Artist Statement

Working with narrations in a painting to draw the viewer closer is exactly my goal. I create stories in my pieces, both canvas or mural, that can either work on their own, or together in a cohesive narration.  My main focus is to create an exciting and short story right in front of you.  Looking around at the details, allowing the eye to investigate what is really going on.  Doing so, the story creates itself.  Intricate detail and colors are elements I tend to use more than anything, the more details and hidden language I can include the better. Within the paintings, I hide objects that resemble me or past pieces.  This way my following can continuously become involved within my work, searching time after time for these similar quirks. I also enjoy being able to hide small bits of humor throughout my work, I do this in order to strengthen the story being told. I try to engage my viewers, make them stop and really look into the piece presented in front of them.