Professional Pieces



Tilt Pinball INSIDE projects

The inside of Tilt has SO much work! Take a trip back in time with my time traveling mural!




This project is on concrete ramps, going into the basement of the new Tilt Pinball, formally known as the Blue Parrot in Louisville Co. Feel as though you are apart of the vintage games, and stand face to face with each character!


Peak to Peak Charter School, Lafayette Co

Apposing teams can now feel the intimidation in their new gym at Peak to Peak. This project was height defying being 20ft+ on top of bleaches.

Welcome to the Den 1

Welcome to the Den 3


Coral Key Scuba, Arvada Co

Feel as though you have entered a new world! Enjoy the underwater and tropical themes that these murals give off. This location has about 10 different mural projects.



The Goddard School, Louisville Co

Distract your children with all of the hidden creatures in the 300ft of painted grass as you walk them to their rooms! (I’ve heard it helps with their crying!)Goddard 1

Goddard 2Goddard 3



Lunada Eatery and Cantina, Lafayette Co

A mix between colorful abstract and graffiti. Enjoy a great meal while making out the shapes! I have put many recognizable abstracted objects in this.

Lunada 3Lunada 1Lunada 4

Hair Studio & Residential

Mother nature inspired works, made for a fun spring project for me.  Each piece completely changed the space around it!Rachel's Hair 1Rachel's Hair 3Rachels Hair 2




Ralston Valley High School Marching Band, Arvada CO

This project had 30 separate 4’x8′ panels! These pieced together 10 props that rotated for the marching band to do while in performance!



Eagle Scout Project! Keensburg CO

Lions Tigers and Bears Oh My! This is a donated set of benched to the Wild Animal Santuary in Keensburg Colorado!