My Art

Welcome! Below are some of my favorite pieces. These pieces display a variety of my skills via; drawing, painting, photography and ceramic. I chose to create these pieces with a story in mind. Most of these paintings have an in depth storyline. My work contains a bit of humor as well as irony. With most of my recent work I have started hiding images within them, look for a Voodoo Doll and my business card. Doing so allows a longer and more engaged interaction with its viewers. I tend to use acrylic paint and copic markers the most with in the pieces, take a look! Follow me on instagram-@artist.breeanna or facebook-@artbybreeanna

 76D74C3A-45E2-4C11-A955-F936E09127C9Birds of Paratise (36×36” Copic Marker)


Textures- Mr Iguana 12×12 Copic Marker

AB994D7F-B4D4-45FA-84DC-29C19A79C3E9Beauty Rituals (ceramic installation)

EA3CD928-6D6D-4898-9C48-EF5A8B2709A4 Untitled (8×10” photography


Choose Your Nightmare (36×48” Acrylic and Copic)

Voodoo Village- Artist

Voodoo Village-Artist (8×8” Copic Marker)

While You Weren’t Looking

While You Werent Looking (18x 24” Copic Marker)


Unhappy Meal (24×24” Acrylic)


The Affair (20×20” Acrylic)23403158-FD69-4305-85E8-F6936B6421B0

Ghost Stories (24×24” Acrylic)

8A39A12B-18F1-425B-8769-198A96A2E0A5Voodoo Tower! (12’tall Ceramic)

Boomonster.jpgBooMonster (16×24” Copic Marker)

candyTrick or Treat (24×24” Acrylic)

lips 1voodoo dollCoffin 1Voodoo PainterLogo@artbybreeanna