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My Background

My love for art started when I was fairly young. I would enjoy taking classes in school, playing with new things to further my  creativity. The older I got the more I understood the techniques and materials. High school showed me just what I could do with my drawing skills. After high school, I taught my self how to paint and started my own business in 2013 for selling my artwork and creating murals. I became a muralist and painter for hire in 2014 and started  professionally working by 2015. I graduated from MSU of Denver in 2017 with my degree in Studio Art. Since graduating I have been apart of some exciting projects, take a look in the mural gallery!


My Medium

Over the years I have played with a lot of different materials, exploring with different textures, consistencies and even colors. My top favorite mediums to work in are acrylic paint, and Copic Markers. I enjoy using bold and intense colors with my work, and these materials do just that. I love the ways I can blend with both paints and markers. I will tend to experiment with different things when I see other artists work, what better way to learn!


My Process

My inspiration comes from stories, I love telling stories in my work. Telling a story with a single painting challenges me and allows me to mix things up. I love to hide details and clues through out my pieces, making the viewer look at every part. Understanding my piece is all about the title to every brush stroke. Everything has a purpose or meaning. I will even hide specific objects in multiple paintings to create an almost Ispy affect. Can you find the items I hide? hint:most of my parrot drawings have them

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Art by Breeanna

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