Hello! My summer has been packed full of fun and exciting new projects! First I completed the Peak to Peak mural from the Senior Class of 2017 back in June. That was a fun and great new experience. Their mascot is painted about 20ft high on top of their gym bleachers.  Second, the murals for Tilt! These have taken over my life (not complaining one bit) There’s about 15 walls that will have eventually some sort of mural on them! Currently I have the outside done (minus their parking lot wall I will eventually do) Tilt is a BARcade, vintage pinball, arcade games and bar this is located in Louisville CO. Inside I will be painting an 80s mural along with a pinball decal mural behind the games.  I can not wait to share my work throughout this one! I am hoping to create a time lapse video to share! Stay tuned!